Ember.run.later in 1.8 beta doesn't work anymore in my app

I’m testing an Ember application using the latest version of Ember.js 1.8 beta (5).

I noticed that some Ember.run.later functions don’t execute anymore (probably under certain circumstances). They simply aren’t executed. Replacing the statements with Ember.run.once makes them work again.

Now, I tried to create a simple test case outside my application but I couldn’t reproduce the behavior. So maybe it’s something in my application but I have no clue where to start searching.

Any idea about this?

I tested in a couple of my ember-cli apps, and Ember.run.later does seem to be working properly, so it is most likely situational.

This would be a pretty huge deal, would love it if you could track down what was going on.

I’ll dive deeper into this and let you know here. Thank you.

If you do find an issue, please report it in the Ember repo so we can triage and get it fixed ASAP.

The issue seems to have started with 1.8 beta 4. My app works fine with beta 3.

Ember 1.8.0-beta.4 (October, 5, 2014)

  • [BUGFIX] Enable setProperties to work on Object.create(null) objects.
  • [PERF] Update RSVP to 3.0.14 (faster instrumentation). [BUGFIX] Add SVG support for metal-views.
  • [BUGFIX] Allow camelCase attributes in DOM elements.
  • [BUGFIX] Update backburner to latest.

Mystery solved

The culprit was an external library which I’m using in my application: date.js: http://www.datejs.com/

If I include the library after the Ember.js library Ember.run.later works again.

Maybe it’s a good opportunity to get rid of that library. :slight_smile: