Ember shorthand for self.controllerFor on same route/controller

Is there a shorthand for the following code (i.e. calling controller attribute from the same named route)


I have already tried self.controller.get(‘myAttribute’)

Within your route, you can do this.get('controller').

Thanks. But I get that as “undefined”

May I know where did you cal this.get(‘controller’) ?

Because, before calling this.get(‘controller’), the controller must be associated to the route. This happens in

setupController(controller, model) { //Your code }

  getControllerAttr: function(controllerName, propertyName) {
     return this.controllerFor(controllerName).get(propertyName); 
  getControllerAttr2: function(propertyName) {
     return this.controllerFor(this.get('routeName')).get(propertyName);  

I don’t write the setupController since it is the same route/controller & I do not have any additional custom code

@Sarath I did this in a route action.

But is it necessary to write setupController to get this shorthand to work ?