Ember Simple Auth: routeIfAlreadyAuthenticated vs routeAfterAuthentication

Can anybody explain what is the difference between these 2 methods in Ember Simple Auth:




I have 2 apps that have these two parameters defined in environment.js and I’d like to know when to use one or another. Thank you.

They are two different things:

  • routeAfterAuthentication is where to transition after a successful login.
  • routeIfAlreadyAuthenticated is where to go if the user is already authenticated and visits a page which makes no sense to visit if you’re logged in (login, register, a guest homepage, etc.)

Hi Balint! Thank you for your response. So following your book, where we have it defined as follows in environment.js:

# environment.js
module.exports = function(environment) {
  let ENV = {
 'ember-simple-auth': {
      routeIfAlreadyAuthenticated: 'bands'

it seems like there is no difference in which one to use, both will make the transition to bands route. Right ?

The two config variables have different meanings but in some cases they might overlap, like in the Rock and Roll app. The important thing is to see how they differ.

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Ok, got it, thank you very much !