Ember-testing without Rails 3.2

Does anyone have setup instructions for ember-testing that are not dependent on Rails3.2?

We have an app that is on 3.1 right now and I would like to get some integration tests written before we try to migrate to 3.2

I have taken a look at https://github.com/ebryn/bloggr-client-rails to see how Erik got it setup in the demo app, just wondering if anyone has already solved this issue.

@jakehow - I’ve been working on solving basically the same problem.


I’m definitely not done, but my intent has been to clarify the problem and therefore the solution for myself, perhaps it will help you as well.

Let me know if it helps or if you have questions(or suggestions). So far, the tests are minimal but my goal is to expand those and find a working solution to rapid feedback with tdd in ember.


PS: I should note that my example does not use rails at all, which perhaps means I misunderstood the question. Nonetheless, I’ll leave my reply.

I would recommend you have a read through this thread:

Several different example set ups. I wouldn’t say anything has come out as “the one true way” yet.