Ember update property on the changes in array

I have following in my controller, and facing issue while updating property with array change… import Ember from ‘ember’;

export default Ember.Controller.extend({

imageIds: Object.keys(JSON.parse(localStorage.image_ids || “{}”)),
// [‘gnffffffffjdf’, ‘hzfyfsidfulknm’, ‘euriekjhfkejh’]

previewImageId: function() { return this.imageIds.get(‘firstObject’);

noImage: function() { return this.get(‘imageIds.length’) === 0; }.property(‘imageIds.@each’),

actions: { addDetails: function() { this.transitionToRoute(‘items.add_item’); },

removeImage: function(image_id) {
  var uploaded = JSON.parse(localStorage.image_ids || "{}");
  delete uploaded[image_id]
  localStorage.image_ids = JSON.stringify(uploaded);
  // this.set("imageIds", Object.keys(JSON.parse(localStorage.image_ids || "{}")));

updatePreview: function(image_id){
  this.set("previewImageId", image_id);
  var uploaded = JSON.parse(localStorage.image_ids || "{}");
  uploaded[image_id] = image_id;
  localStorage.image_ids = JSON.stringify(uploaded);
  // this.set("imageIds", Object.keys(JSON.parse(localStorage.image_ids)));
}   }


Whenever there is any change in the imageIds array, previewImageId should be updated. tried using pushObject, removeObject, .get and .set options. But still no luck

Can anyone pls help me?

You are overriding your computed property right there. You could try making your computed property a setter (Ember.js Docs Guide) or use an observer instead.

Hope that helps.

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yes you are correct… updated now… working… thanks :+1: