Ember Upgrade - ESPrima - Unexpected Token

I am working through a legacy app Ember upgrade from 1.x → 2.0 and I am getting ESPrima errors, “Unexpected Token” when building.

Is there any guides for these type of issues?

To Reproduce:

// File: /tmp/test.js


import {Promise} from 'rsvp';


npm install -g esprima

esvalidate /tmp/test.js

/tmp/test.js:1: Unexpected token

But, when testing on https://esprima.org/demo/parse.html it works fine.

Thanks in advance


I found this post that mentioned that esprima would work if it new it was parsing a module, but how do we tell Ember this?

esprima.parse(‘import foo from “bar”’, { sourceType: ‘module’} );

From https://github.com/jquery/esprima/issues/1273