Ember upgrade to 3.0.0 version, problem with record loading



Recently I started to work on Ember.js project, backend is Ruby on Rails. The ember version was 2.12.3 and my goal was to upgrade at least to 3.0.0. I upgraded slowly, step by step, the first upgraded version was 2.15.0 then 2.18.0 and then the final version of Ember is 3.0.0, Ember Data is 3.0.4

I had a lot of work with upgrade, I fixed a lot of deprecations, changed a new syntax, etc… Finaly application works, but I have a problem with records loading.

On several pages the model relationships are not loaded properly, I get records in ember store and I can to check that records in console log (with filled attributes) and they’re appeared on the template (for example on select tag), but with empty attributes. In console log in object’s current state I found ‘isLoaded: false’.

On some pages, when I add a new record, it’s appear on the template with other records in each block, but the new record is without attributes and current state has a stateName: “root.loaded.created.uncommitted” in other objects the stateName is “root.loaded.saved”. I try to reload that record manually after save, but without success.

Right now is hard for me to add you a code info, because I have this problem on several pages, but at first I just wanna ask you what did you change on a new versions that can be a potentially problem with loading records?

Or is there any possibility that page is rendered before objects are loaded or something like that?