Ember With Qunit Test Run Error [beforeEach failed on it exists: Attempting to register an unknown factory]

Hi All,

Good evening;

currently, we have developed one ember application, also we have run the unit test cases through ember qunit and used the test runner as testem;

Basically, its configure and run perfectly, while running the test cases in the browser, there are two ways we try to run the test cases, one for components and another one for controllers;

Components are running fine, but the controllers are not running properly, its shows the given error messages, while run the test case in the browser;

Kinldy, guild anyone what possible mistakes would have done?


BeforeEach failed on it exitsts: Attempting to register an unknown factory: “my-controller-test”


TypeError: Attempting to register an unknown factory: “my-controller-test” at Object.Registry.register(http://localhost:4200/assets/vendor.js: 11066:15) at Object.Container.(anonymous function) [as register] (http://localhost:4200/assets/test- support.js:1691:44)