Ember with Zurb's Foundation For Apps


Zurb’s Foundation for Apps was released to day.

It uses Angular for all its fancy templates and whatnot.

This makes me sad.

Is it possible to integrate this into an Ember app? I know its like asking the Dark and Light sides of the force to dance together at the prom, but one can hope.


I’m still looking at it myself, but I think it’ll take a little work to get a good implementation for ember. I’d like to see an ember-cli addon that uses liquidfire instead of their motion ui, obviously components for everything, and services for model managers and such.

There is also other interest so I’m sure we’ll see something down the road. Personally, I’m waiting for foundation apps 1.0 stuff to shake out, see what Bootstrap 4 offers, and ember 2.0 featuresets to come out before maybe working on an addon myself.

At this point, I think the best option to use Foundation for Apps within an ember-cli project would be to install via bower (manual install section) and use the sass addon (since css isn’t distributed). Although I haven’t done anything myself just yet.


Yep, I would be really interested in Foundation for Apps as well to work with Ember. And I agree with @Panman8201 that we wouldn’t really need the animations, but can use liquid-fire for it. I have used an early version in the past, before the angular implementations and the grid (imo the most important bit) just worked out of the box. Not sure if that changed now, but I wouldn’t see a reason for it having changed.


Yea if anyone does take any sort of stab at this please post here. I’m swamped for a couple weeks but hope to get some time to dig into this soon.


Just piling on- I love Foundation and would like some workaround for their disappointing choice of MVC framework.


I’d like to show my interest as well and plan on contributing once I get some free time after Christmas.


It seems like Ember need a UI base that could be used with either Foundation, Bootstrap, Material or any css framework. I would prefer people work on a single unified approach than an addon for Foundation, one for Bootstrap, etc.

The core code to create dropdown etc is not different in many of those CSS lib. The main problem is that the markup and class differs between them.

I think it would be possible to load a base component and have different flavor for each CSS lib: overwrite the handlebars, configure the classes, etc.

Much bigger project.


Good News!! Somebody supposedly stepped up to the plate on this… https://github.com/tatemz/ember-foundation-apps

Let’s help Tate out (or at least cheer him on).


Thanks gang!

I’m behind on my timeline due to “work work”, but have made some progress.

Keep up the discussion here: https://github.com/tatemz/ember-foundation-apps/issues

Be looking for something by the weekend or next week, but keep shooting out preliminary ideas.


Amazing!! Any senior devs who can help Tate out & take a peek at the beta with me?


@tatemz has the project moved? I’m getting 404s on the github repo link.


How is it going with this? Seems like the repo is gone :disappointed: