Emberfire 3.x and hasMany Relationships

Hey Everyone,

I am in the process of upgrading from Ember 2.18 to the latest LTS. I am able to upgrade to ember 3.4 with ease. If I upgrade to 3.5, it appears emberfire 2.10 fails. All existing direction is to upgrade to emberfire 3.0.0-rc6.

Upgrading to emberfire 3.0.0-rc6 was easy enough, but I learned that emberfire 3.x no longer supports the “hasMany” or “many to many” relationship that ember has.

This is a severe limitation and really hinders my upgrade plans. I am using the Realtime Database and not Firestore.

How is everyone else dealing with this? I am assuming I am not the only one stuck on this problem. I would welcome feedback.

Hi @mosouth, what do you mean by

emberfire 3.x no longer supports the “hasMany” or “many to many” relationship that ember has

With the preface that I haven’t used the 3.x release of emberfire yet it doesn’t seem that hasMany support has been dropped by looking at the documentation. That said the docs seem very WIP… But for example:

  • findHasMany is still documented on the realtime database adapter
  • the guides on Relationships mention hasMany used in multiple difference scenarios (that said everything else is just marked as TODO :neutral_face:)
  • the migration guides do mention dropping embedded ids, but unfortunately the guides aren’t filled out beyond that to suggest what the right alternative would be

It might be worth asking in Discord as well, I would be very surprised if there aren’t a few people at least who have figured this out. I know @knownasilya opened up a few emberfire issues that sound related …

Thanks for the reply. I see a few issues reported similar to this one:

That talk about hasMany not working. I’ll try asking in Discord. That is a great idea.

Ah interesting I hadn’t seen that issue. That doesn’t seem to match up with the docs but it’s all very work in progress, and sounds like it doesn’t get enough resources so :man_shrugging: Hope someone on discord can be of help!

I suspect the docs are not maintained. There are a few mentions of many to many gaps in the Issues log. Thanks for the discord suggestion.