Embroider build

ember-cli: 3.10.1 node: 10.15.1

Im testing embroider for code splitting.

but I cannot even make successful build for a basic ember app. Here is the steps below I did.

  1. ember new testhost
  2. yarn add --dev @embroider/core @embroider/compat @embroider/webpack
  3. changed ember-cli-build.js
//return app.toTree();
const Webpack = require('@embroider/webpack').Webpack;
return require('@embroider/compat').compatBuild(app, Webpack);

first ember s was successful. but when I tried that again it was failed for every each time saying

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘…/…/…/…/@embroider/externals/@engineer/application/deprecations’ in ‘/private/var/folders/f4/dy7931450z37lvfzj167ns3m0000gn/T/embroider/d742ab/node_modules/@engineer/test-helpers/ember-test-helpers/legacy-0-6-x’

did I miss something to do???

Oh no, I’m sorry about this! Can you file an issue in Embroider so we can track fixing?

The issue here is that ember-cli-babel@7.8.0 added an additional module that gets “special” treatment (@ember/application/deprecations) and Embroider needs to be updated to do the same.

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I think the very latest embroider (on master) might avoid this class of bugs, because we now call ember-cli-babel directly, rather than trying to copy what it would do.

That is now published as 0.4.0.

Yes. Now ember s is perfectly ok on 0.4.3!!. Now Im gonna try code splitting with that. thanks guys.