Engines 1.0 Roadmap

Road to 1.0 - an ember-engines roadmap

Over the last few months @dgeb, @melsumner, @stefan, and I have been working on a more formal roadmap to hitting 1.0.0 for ember-engines. These are the items that we envision should be completed in order for the ember-engines project to get to version 1.0. This list should not imply an order or priority; all of these items need to be completed before the project can be considered ready for 1.0.

Lazy Loading for Routeless Engines

The ability to lazily load routed engines has proven to be very useful; we’d like to enable the same capabilities for routeless engines. Some work has already started (see ember-asset-loader issue #56).

These are the tasks to reach that goal:

  • write helper
  • write accompanying tests
  • document the feature

Test API

We have a newly revamped testing story in Ember; the goal is to have a testing story for ember-engines that better reflects that paradigm shift/application reality.

These are the tasks to reach that goal:

  • discover priorities (identify testing gaps)
  • design test API
  • implement test API

Update Documentation

The goal is to provide well-rounded documentation to guide the use of ember-engines.

These are the tasks to reach that goal:

  • analyze gaps between existing code and documentation
  • philosophy
  • intended use
  • FAQ
  • troubleshooting guide
  • dependency management

Build Issues

The goal is to detangle the build issues and defer to an appropriate pipeline.

These are the tasks to reach that goal:

  • Ember CLI will provide public APIs (the implementation of the packager RFC is in progress)
  • Engines should only provide configuration for the build pipeline.
  • There should be two phases: discovery and evaluation phase & asset building phase

Rough Timing Goals

  • <1 month to implement lazy loading for routeless engines
  • 1 month to gather use cases
  • 1 month to do the code/documentation gap analysis (determine implementation estimate at that time)
  • 3 months to do the ember-cli pipeline detangling work (non-trivial)
  • 2 months to work on testing story

Can’t wait for them being 1.0

I have question regarding engines and whether this fits in the 1.0 release or not:

  • Will ember engine be a thing?
  • Will they work with MU layout out of the box? (ref to the question before)
  • What about scoped engines? Will this be part of the “Build Issues”? (There is an open issue.)
  • Will the documentation be migrated over to emberjs.com (which I’d prefer) or stick in the place they are?
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Should ember-inspector support be considered part of this roadmap? there are still incompatibilities with ember-engines as stated in this issue .


Good point, ya I think that makes sense!

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Roadmap Status

Lazy Loading for Routeless Engines:

We have an issue opened - ember-engines/ember-asset-loader#56 ( waiting for @rwjblue and @dgeb )

with an experimental addon built by @buschtoens : https://github.com/buschtoens/ember-lazy-mount

Test API:

We have a PR opened waiting for support and review #653 ( waiting for @rwjblue )

Update Documentation:

It’s almost done in only missing 3 tasks to complete - ember-engines/ember-engines.com#55

Build Issues:

About it, Dan and I decided to wait for embroider take off after alpha version to move ahead.

Note : Most of the work is blocked by the @core_team, I’m waiting for reviews and feedbacks to advance and pushing it as 1.0.0 version. Most a two years later we’re close to land this roadmap without build issues that depend on Embroider, I really would love to have more help and freedom from @core_team to push it forward.