Error monitoring of Ember web apps

< shameless plug> Wanted to drop a note about our new error monitoring tool RooCause that’s useful for finding bugs in production. Especially handy for anyone building large scale web apps since it records the entire user session as a video and also logs all the DOM events (mouse, keyboard, ajax etc) so you can replay it fully and reproduce production bugs much more easily than if you only had the call stack. We built a demo with Ember JS too if you’d like to give it a go:

Click around in the UI a bit then click where the arrows point to make the page crash (due to a dummy error). Then you can go to the Dashboard and replay the session. More demos here:

Happy to hear any feedback or suggestions of how we could do a tighter Ember JS integration, maybe hook into the Ember-Data to record all data transactions for debugging? </shameless plug>

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Neat demo, thanks for sharing!