Focusing event on components

Hi everyone, I have one doubt,I have many parallel components and is there a way to focus on a particular component and do some actions on that component that will not affect all the other parallel components?

Can you provide a more concrete example of what your use case is? I’m struggling to understand :frowning:

hi @NullVoxPopuli , I will make you more clear…I have two components which are independent to each other but in the same page. I’m working on keyboard shortcuts …only one keyboard shortcut is there(say ctrl+z) that should perform differenly on each component. For example when I clicked on one component then ctrl+z sholud alert" hello “.but after we clicked on another component it should alert"welcome”(its just for example).but when we click outside of both the components the shortcut should not trigger…This is my case.Now I just need to know is there any way so that after we click on any component it should apply focus on that so that I could use the shortcut defined on that component.And aslo as soon as it comes outside of the component then it should lose that focus ,so that the shortcut will not be triggered…

You can try using ember-keyboard addon.