For a simple form use case is it better to use controllers or components?


I have a use case where I am using a tabbed controller to display some tabs and some forms under each tab and the user can jump back and forth between these tabs/forms to fill them. They all have different fields and can have some properties that can be dependent on each other. Is it better to use a controller or a component for this scenario?

Also, I need to be able to add/ remove similar divs like for example : a user can have multiple addresses so in that case components make more sense.


Good rule of thumb is to just not use controllers if you can.


Here’s something to help you decide.

Controllers maintains long term state and does not get reset/destroyed automatically.

Components maintains short term state and gets destroyed/recreated whenever you navigate to and from it.


Ya my main question is for a FORM kinda use case does it make sense to have component. Since, each form is different then the other and one of the main points of using component is reusability.


Components are used for isolation too. Not just reusability. With where Ember is headed, your app structure should be built around multiple components.

So rather than having a component to be used just for reusability, split your template into multiple components. Based on your example scenario above, one possible way to structure it is to have a component for the tab buttons and a component for each tab form.


How should you know what should be its own component? I try to follow React’s guideline:

Just use the same techniques for deciding if you should create a new function or object. One such technique is the single responsibility principle, that is, a component should ideally only do one thing. If it ends up growing, it should be decomposed into smaller subcomponents.


Thank you for the answer good sir.