GET request with parameters (api never see parameters)


My API ( web API) method looks as follows and thus expect a URL like “http://localhost/…/api/dealtests/25/2”

    public IHttpActionResult Get(int take = 50, int page=1)       
    { ....

I have a second method that takes no parameters, and that one keep getting hit instead of this one (trying to make my own component since cannot find something that does server-side pagination, search and ordering)

However, I just cannot get the call right. I tried many variations of the following using find, findall, query, filter…

return this.get(‘store’).query(‘dealtest’, { take: 10, page: 2 } )

total noob, but I’m supposed to make an adapter for this call? not sure how to do that if that’s what need to be done…


Tells me you’re expecting a route structured as api/dealtests/10/2 where as you’re sending it queryParams: api/dealtests/?take=10&page2.

If you don’t want them to be queryParams you’ll need to extend the adapter you’re using.