Getting a simple jQuery to work with Ember-CLI

So I have a very simple piece of jQuery code that basically hides a header panel after a no thanks button is clicked. I can get this to work using tags within the application.hbs (since its on the homepage). Now when I try to import it in the broccoli.js I it will not work.

(document).ready(function() {
  $(".btn-slide").click(function() {

$(“.panel”).slideUp(); } });

What is the correct way of implementing my own jQuery code within an ember app without using bower components? Basically I want to know how to implement my own jQuery code for the app without using everywhere.

NM I found out how to fix it…I just added to the Brocfile with var jpanel = pickFiles(‘vendor/jpane;/js’, { srcDir: ‘/’, files: ['jumbotron-panel.js]. destDir: ‘/assets’ }}_

…and then added it to my index.html file

I guess this is going to be where I put all my custom jquery code…

Is this good practice or bad practice? I don’t know how to use components yet.

I figured it out

I don’t think you finished your question.

jQuery must have hid the rest. There must be a button around here somewhere to make it appear.