They don’t have to do anything but pay taxes and die.

For now. I’m working on the first one. I hear others are working on the second.

@gortok Thx for reaching out, drafting an updated answer now. Had no idea my little SO answer was so highly ranked :slight_smile:

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I definitely wouldn’t argue that the Ember documentation is amazing, but if you follow the basic guide you’ll get an app running very quickly. The home page isn’t meant to be your guide to starting a new app.

“The tone of this topic is not in line with the civil level of discourse I’d like to maintain here, so I cannot respond.”

And yet you did respond, except instead of responding helpfully, recognizing the frustration the poster feels, you responded passive-aggressively, getting in a snit because the poster wasn’t adequately civil.

Civility is a false virtue in the first place, but if you think it’s a real virtue, you should either not have responded, or not have responded haughtily.

Being honest, I find this dismissive response far more inappropriate than the post it’s replying to.

I think this is best summed up by @wycats’ earlier post in this thread where he said that we are actively working on trying to address @delvarworld’s concerns. Admittedly, @trek’s response was less than helpful here. I think we’re all in ultimate agreement that there are some significant shortcomings to the Ember on-boarding process. We certainly do want to change this.

That said, we also do want to maintain productive, civil discourse here. I understand that the @delvarworld wasn’t intending to be rude, he was just expressing his frustration over what is indeed a frustrating situation. I don’t think there’s too much more constructive to be said on this topic other than to reiterate that the Core Team recognizes @delvarworld’s concerns and is actively trying to address them.

If there are any other specific issues that we were not able to address adequately in this thread, please do start a new one. I don’t intend to shut down discussion over all, but I feel that this specific thread is no longer productive. @delvarworld, I hope you accept our apologies for the current state of things and the less than welcoming behavior you received.