Start with Ember and search for mentor


Hello everybody!

I want to start with Ember.JS, but i need help. What tutorial on web use? (video, text,example) - i will be glad if you link some good piece :slight_smile: Could you tell me the senetences diffrent about ember and phaser? :slight_smile:

And the last, i am searching for teacher/mentor for help. What i need from this person : When i have critical error you will help me. When i ask you about some different about something, you will help me with this :slight_smile: And when i need help with some problem about function (working slow, to much code, etc) you will guide me :slight_smile:

I will be really glad for all replay :slight_smile: Thanks.


I’ve just started with ember as well. I found the forums to pretty helpful, but when you don’t get an answer you will need to figure it out yourself. Theres some good websites I’ve ran across:

Having no JS experience, the last thing I learned was Concrete5. So far, learning ember.js has been much easier, and I get more answers than I’m use to getting back over on the concrete5 forums.


Check - it has lots of ways to help. Join Ask question in stakoverflow