New To Ember - looking For Mentor For $$ Off Course


Hi to everyone at the forum, Currently at Uni as a mature student and my tutor has decided ember.js is the way forward as he loves the framework.

And believe me Prof Booth is one smart guy so whom am i to argue, anyway looking for someone that i can throw a few tasks at usually I get 5 a week 3 prity simple and 2 which are quiet hard for the ember beginner.

Willing to pay someone for 1 hour of their time per week if they can help me solve the tasks and show me how it was accomplished.

if interested please contact me.

UK Based. Skype is good.



Dude… You go to college to learn - not to be taught at.

Put the time in to explore ember yourself and the rewards will be worth it.

My advice: go with the latest stable. If it’s starting to look complex you’re probably doing it wrong. Look at @stefan 's jobs board for hints - Here;s my ember/sails/.waterlock example - it’s not great but have a browse through - you’ll take something away from the experience.

I learned by pulling apart and then putting it back together again.

Also check out Ghost

Read the code, understand it - pick what you need from it and expand on it - how can you make it better? How would you do it differently?

Compose an app from what you’ve learned - take parts from each and see what you can build. Over time it will become more and more clear and the next thing you know you’re a fluent Ember dev :smile:

The effort is worth the battle. Start small, read lots, understand and digest everything.

There’s also the docs on the main site if you get stuck - but for me learning is best done reading code.

HTH :slight_smile:


I agree with what your saying Wayne but here’s the thing.

When your tutor throws 5 tasks at you on a Tuesday and wants them answered by 9 am the following Monday watching tutorials and breaking things down its hard to know where to start.

I’m also studying 2 other subjects of which I need to keep on top of,aswell as being a single parent with a 10 yr old daughter to look after.

My main reason for looking for a tutor is so i can cut out running around like a headless chicken trying to learn ember and just gather the information required for my tasks and hopefully within a few weeks put it all together and understand ember.

Here’s 2 example tasks , they may look easy to an experianced pro like yourself but to a newbie its hard to understand.

Question 4 (question_4.js) Create a JavaScript file in which you define the Ember.JS routes required for an online course application. The application consists of the following three models: Student, Tutor, Module. The relationships between them are that each Student takes one or more Modules and each Tutor owns one or more Modules. The application supports the following functionality: Tutors can create, edit, and delete Modules and Students can register for Modules.

Question 5 (question_5.hbs) Create a Handlebars template that shows the information stored in the following Ember.JS models:

App.Person = DS.Model.extend({ firstName: DS.attr(‘string’), lastName: DS.attr(‘string’), birthday: DS.attr(‘date’), jobs: DS.hasMany(‘job’) }); App.Job = DS.Model.extend({ title: DS.attr(‘string’), holder: DS.belongsTo(‘person’) });


I run an Ember.js workshop in Wellington every week and it is totally free. We usually build an app together for couple of weeks. I try to update the app’s Readme for students who cannot attend. Please feel free to follow that tutorial, hope you can learn something from that as well. :slight_smile: Have a great journey in the Ember.js world.

Building a complex web application with Ember.js 2.0. Step by step.


love to give you an answer Wayne but im unable to, all i know is were using a virtualbox on campus. Looks like im onlt allowed to answer 3 times because im a new user.