Can someone teach me?

I’m having some serious difficulty understanding how Ember works in general is there anybody willing to give me some 1 on 1 time to help me get through this?

I could do that sometime, either Skype or Google Hangout. Private message me your contact.

My work email is If we can google chat that would be awesome.

Can we set up a time or something?

First of all, just remember this is a public forum for discussing Ember with the community. No harm in reaching out for help. I’ll message you later on.

^^ best intro resource i’ve found

It is a good resource but I’m not having trouble understanding the high level design principles and how things should be used but I get caught up in stupid things like how to manipulate data when everything is wrapped inside an ember object. I just can’t see raw data!

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You got this! Keep getting exposure. I’d say I’m a pretty big noob right now, but the following have helped me significantly:

Try scouring the web for resources, here’s one to start with:

If you like learning from books, this is the best book I’ve found personally for learning Ember.

Thank you all for these great resources. I was getting frustrated with Ember but I think I’m getting over that now. I just have to throw out all the conventions I’ve used prior and do it the ember way. Sometimes I feel like I’m not even writing Javascript anymore.

@JoshElias If you have any Google Hangout or Skype discussion with @macu on Ember, kindly record it and share it on Youtube for an wider audience to get benefit from it.

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