Ember : good learning links

Hi everybody,

I’m new into Ember, and I have to admit that this is far from being easy to learn. I subscribed at codeschool (I used to folllow their angular courses that are very nice but that’s not what I want to learn now), but the only Ember course available seems pretty old and not very maintained.

I’m currently looking all over the web for good tutorials, ember blogs, documentations, tips, books, and stuff, so I can pick up bits everywhere to build my Ember knowledge.

But one cannot be as efficient as many, so maybe you can help me to gather all those links ?

  • Which resources have you used to get into Ember world ?
  • Do you have any good learning links to recommend ?
  • Do you maintain any blog/website/whatever where you share your knowledge, tips, and stuff ?

Thanks everybody, Regards, Tmos

PS : I really would like to post my links here, but as I’m a new user, I cannot post more than 2 links at the same time. As soon as I’ll not be «new» anymore, I’ll put my resources here and keep updated a link list at the bottom of this post :smile:

I liked the Codeschool tutorials. Adam, who taught the course, has said that he’ll probably create a followup course for ember-cli. Until then you can always check out the new Ember guides. I heard during EmberConf that they are in the process of being rewritten for ember-cli.

I wrote a blog post a while back on a few tutorials that I really liked. Let me know what you think.

If you get stuck try here, StackOverflow, the Emberjs subreddit, or the IRC channel. You can always send me a message on Twitter @ErikCH. I’m not an expert, although I might be able to help.

Good luck!

I have a few other resources worth checking out.

  • Ember Weekly - They aggregate all the best Ember posts every week and send it to you in an email
  • Ember Sherpa - Free cheat sheet and great Twitter account
  • Ember Flare - Community driven link sharing site
  • Ember Watch - Lots of updated resources on everything Ember.

I would post more links, but I can’t!

Great thanks a lot for your links !

I got those one :

I just want to put in a good word for ember watch. I met the guy at NYC ember meetup and he’s the nicest dude you’ve ever met and the list is one of the better ones out there.