Can't LEARN anything NEW!

Hi.I am new to emberjs.I know how to make a simple CRUD app.

I know that is almost nothing but that’s why ı want to learn much more than that but i can’t find any source to do so.

Every source i have found so far is either old versioned, or covering what i have already learned.I feel stuck between a complete beginner and being familiar with ember.

What do you guys suggest? Please help me on this matter.

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You can play with ( and learn:

  • Offline First
  • ember-cli-deploy
  • components
  • service injection
  • CORS

It works without installing CouchDB.

Thank you.This is really valuable to me.Do you consider someone who can build this, as hireable junior/entry level Ember guy? ( Sorry if this question is a little awkward.I just want to know what ppl are lookimg for when hiring a junior)

I think it would qualify for a junior/entry level Ember guy. I am still entry level my self :wink:

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Maybe you could try this… :smiley:


That’s the first tutorial i have walkthroughed. I think it is a great resource.But since then, i couldn’t find any ember 2.9 tutorials.Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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People have pointed you to various sources in your various questions. You would be a bit more lucky if you told us exactly what you want to learn. If you know how to CRUD, you could try with authentication/authorization, for example.


Thanks.I am on it right now.I have to rely on the forums for these stuff because almost no one in my city or almost no one in my whole country knows these things.

I think that “Exercises for Programmers” is a really great book for any language: If you follow through that whole book using Ember, and you really stretch and try to do new things - you may find yourself learning a bunch of stuff. It sounds like you already know some CRUD, but you don’t say exactly what that mean - and how complex the relationships and the data you’re using is. This cookbook is fun to leaf through and try the things you haven’t done yet:

You basically just need a project, and new features will pop-up that you don’t know how to deal with - and it will force you to learn more. Many of the books are outdated or they are about a specific use for Ember. I though Jeffrey from did a great job with emberschool: and although you may know some rails/ember crud - this course works with firebase which is really cool for MVP and early phases and it puts you in a place where you can really start challenging yourself.

Emberigniter is always great. The global meetup videos should get you interested in some unique areas. Prototypal has some advanced programs / I’d sign up for front-end masters and take Mike Norths course - and then you can attend the advanced course that is in early December as part of your membership: - I have the rock-and-roll Ember book, but I never got through it, so I can’t say how that is.

The book “Deliver audacious web apps with Ember 2” was pretty great. It was an ever-note clone - which I thought was more useful that CRUD blog in explaining relationships etc. however, it’s a little dated and uses mocks instead of something like ember-cli-mirage / BUT you could ignore the http-mocks and try to follow the book on your own terms. CodeMentor can be good for one on ones, if you find a good match.

I found I learned a lot more things when I just really dug into a project instead of generally just trying to learn everything about Ember. I think I wasted a lot of time on that / probably an entire year. Just build something that is a bit out of your league - and you’ll be forced to learn how to do it / and maybe there isn’t a way to do it yet - in which case you can lead the charge on that with thoughtful questions and real-world examples.

There are many things that Ember doesn’t do, or doesn’t do well - and figuring out a mobile-first native-feeling animation rich awesome website is still something that people are having a hard time with. We could use your help creating things that deal with truths like these:

Local meetups are great, and pair-programming seems to be very effective. If you’d ever like to screen-hero and chat - I’d be open to that. : ) I’ve been trying to track down the best path for teaching and learning Ember for a few years - and I think that the guides and the resources are really growing to meet the demand.

Last thought, maybe you already know enough about Ember - in which case, there are a ton of really ugly website - and so learning CSS seems to be the most in demand. ; )

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