Beginner tutorial building an app


Am a beginner in Emberjs but no JS. Ihave worked with angular previously and would like to use Emberjs in my next project. However I can’t yet find a tutorial that takes me thru by building a simple app.
Official docs are great but I always enjoy that kind of tutorials

Is there any?


Hey, I am also a beginner and this video helped me a lot, it isn’t very detailed but you can appreciate the basics, hope that helps!!


Hi @JMendoza, I will watch that, Thanks a lot! Is that for EmberJs2?


Its 1.9 I hope its not entirely useless


I would recomend a book “ember cli 101” that now is creative common from

and a blog tutorial on youtube with very short videos explaining things in ember with component design

enjoy it


Thanks a lot, especially for the book!