Learning EmberJS as beginner

Hi, I’m new to framework and i decided to make an application with EmberJS framework.I’m bit confuse with Ember 2.x and 1.x.I decided to learn with online tutorial and books but most of tutorials and other materials are related to Ember 1.x.If i started with these materials then i have to careful with deprecation Ember 2.x.Should i start with Ember 1.x or with latest version 2.x ? .Thanks

If you are looking at Ember 2.x particularly, you can look at

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I recently update my Example code to Ember-cli 2

Perhaps you can learn something from the code: GitHub - broerse/ember-cli-blog: Tom Dale's blog example updated for the Ember CLI

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Thanks for quick reply.i will purchase this book and last thing i want to ask, ember-cli can embed or use with php codeigniter accprding to file structuring ?

You can always combine them. Not sure if you should try to use php codeigniter and ember-cli as a beginner.

@arifhussain ,

Congrats Arif, I also started learning ember 2.0. (and now doing a project with ember 2.2) . But the real struggle was the lack of enough resources. I bought the “Rock and Roll with ember js”. Its easy to learn with it. Also an alternative book “Ember-cli 101” by Adof bulliesis now available free.I haven’t read this.(But reviews are +1 for this book.)

If you are new to core javascript and have enough time , Please take a look at “Speaking JS” as a javascript tutorial book.You could proceed with it parallely. Strong js knowledge would be helpful if you need to customize the code(Especially serializers).

Another usefull startup is with emberigniter.com . This guy clears up all stuck issues with newbies. and all the code there are working with 2.0 versions.

It’s best to start with 2.x version, because many things from 1.x versions had removed and learning them again is not worthy. But you may get some struggle with some support of other plugins like ember-simple-auth(It’s an authentication plugin, I tried it with rails. it only supports with 1.x versions yet)

I came from a php background . After learning it’s pottensial , I took two months leave from my company to learn it. I was stuck without help many times. I wish your journey should be smooth. mail me if you get with any issues.

Mean while , i don’t know about your experience. may i know if you had tried rails before. Jezakallah

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very helpful reply @talha.I really appreciated .I will figure out these books content and yes it will take time to read and fully grip on in.You cleared what exactly i was thinking about both version 1.x and 2.x.I will further email to you for more detail and related issues.Thanks Ember team. :slight_smile:

I tried to send u inbox but i don’t know why i can’t.Would you give me your email here?

sure , talhaqqq@gmail.com

These resources were really helpful

I had to go thru guide to get started. Also emberigniter.com was sure helpful to clear things out.

This a great article for any level Write Your Next Web App With Ember CLI — Smashing Magazine

@joseperales you can build a web app and learn Ember.js 2 with following this free tutorial: www.yoember.com

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