Best Resource To Learn Ember


Hi there,

I have an existing PHP MVC application. I want to add a new page that will effectively be an Application for selecting, manipulating and finally processing the choice of images from the customer to a photographer.

I’d like to use Ember for this and had two questions:

  1. Can Ember be used as part of an application eg: my own requirement to add an Application as part of an existing site and not a 100% Ember only site.

  2. What is the best and most up to date resource for learning Ember? There are so many sources but I wondered whether there is a book, or video course or similar?

Many thanks.

  1. You can always insert ember in an existing index.html to keep layout like headers and footers the same. If you do that I find it not easy to keep the router. If you want to keep the router you can use ENV.baseURL = '/bloggrcouch/'; and have Ember only in that folder. Example:
  1. On stackoverflow you find a lot of old legacy ember stuff that is not working anymore. If you start with Ember-CLI and find answers on stackoverflow mentioning Ember-CLI you are in the new world and all answers work. EmberWatch is a great resource. It is currently a little behind because the guy maintaining it is busy with moving from the UK to the Netherlands. There is an old pre Ember-CLI video course online on I hope they make a new one soon. seems to be what you want but I don’t know if it is good. Also take look at


I started to write a book about Ember.js a couple of months ago, it teaches people how to work with Ember.js and ember-cli.

Through the book we’ll be working on real world application (not a TODO list) which will allows us to learn Ember.js and it’s main features. I also introduce Ember-Data from example one so you’ll be connecting to a real api. I try to talk about a lot of common pitfalls people fall when starting with Ember.

I’m aware of most of the changes happening in Ember, Ember-Data and ember-cli, so the book will stay up to date. I also have an IRC channel (#ember-cli-101) where readers of the book can interact with me directly, so if you get stuck just ping me and I’ll help :smile:

The book is called ember-cli-101

I also have a bunch of articles in my blog about Ember.js

Feel free to ping me if you have any issue!


Thank you for this information - I appreciate it!


Hi and thanks for the heads-up!

The concept of Ember CLI confuses me somewhat. Does this still mean generating browser based apps or is it for command line task? I use PHP CLI in that way, or, is it just a delivery/development mechanism that results in browser-based Apps?

Either way, if your committed and actively developing your book, that sounds like a great place to start.

It’s always great to have an up to date book because at least things are consolidated in a single place! :smile:



ember-cli helps you during the whole development process, so yes, it is for generating browser based app using ember. But it has support for a bunch of things that you normally end up doing when you are working on this kind of applications, my book has 2 free chapters they do a brief overview of ember-cli and why it was built.

In Ember-Conf 2014, @stefan gave a talk about it check it out, it covers the main motivations behind the tool.


I recently watched this series on YouTube:

The series was put out around 6 months ago and is using Ember 1.5.0, so it’s relatively recent. I watched all 25 videos, roughtly 2.5 hours total, and feel a lot more comfortable now.

I also watched this talk, commong pitfalls in Ember.js. I tried watching this talk before the video series above and it didn’t make sense. After watching the series above, I could understand 75% of the stuff he is talking about: (~20 mins)


Understanding how to debug and troubleshoot is essential, this was very helpful.

That site has other videos on testing that were good.

Finally, this one hour video really brought the concepts together for me:

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I have purchased Mastering Ember.js and I highly recommend it