How to learn ember?


Where is the best place to learn ember? I’ve been toying around with angular js for last month or so and want to get into Ember but the ‘Getting Started’ guides on the web site seem to be useless. The only actual ‘getting started’ tutorial dates back to version 1.10.0 and I have no clue if that tutorial is even relevant.



Note that you can change the version of the guide in the top-right corner. Some older (external to the guide pages) links may point to older releases. The 2.0.0 guide is here:

As for learning it, it’s going to depend on your background. I come from a (mostly) server-side background (Go, Python, some Ruby) and server-side templating, although most of the concepts (MVC, promises, handlebars syntax, etc) broadly apply to other tools too.

Anyway - my most useful resources over the last week:

  • The official docs - the “guides” section is filled with examples and gives you a good run down:
  • StackOverflow - not to ask questions, but to read and understand the questions that others are asking: (the most common questions are likely ones you’ll have too)
  • Blogs - was a great resource. The hard part here when searching for Ember related blogs is getting 2.0 relevant content - make sure to filter aggressively for articles in the last month or two only, else be prepared to parse out some of the older stuff.
  • Books - I haven’t bought a programming book in a long, long time (I prefer to learn via other avenues) but the Prag. Prog “Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2.0” was hugely useful to skim through. Part of that is because it covers Ember/Ember Data 2.x - sections on extending serializers and components were the most relevant for me. Rock and Roll with Ember.js has also been alright, but I haven’t used this as much yet. Both books are cheap and even if I only use 20% of each I’d still consider them good value.

Hope that helps. Get a grip on the concepts, read through SO/blog posts/book chapters on your commute, and then build a toy project that scratches an itch. I smashed together a quick ‘issues dashboard’ that gives me an overview of open issues for an OSS organisation on GitHub that I contribute to - I probably spent about half a week reading stuff and then built this mini project out in half a day. That knowledge translates well to the ‘real’ project I’m about to work on.


Thanks for your response. I am also a back-end developer (C# WinServices, WCF, etc…).

I’ll go through the guides but I will have to admit that I am a little disappointed that the ‘getting started’ guides for 2.0 lacks what the guides have for 1.10.0 seems to be solid. I’ll take a look there as well.

Again, thanks for your help!