Best book or tutorial

Just starting out with ember.js - which I can see is built on come key concepts. Once they are understood fully then everything should fall into place.

Could people recommend the book or tutorial which made them click with the core concepts?

I have just talked at the first Ember.js Madrid Meetup and I recommended two books. I would not choose between them, but read them both. They are Rock and Roll with Ember.js by @balint and Ember CLI 101 by @abuiles.


Thanks for the advice!

+1 for Ember CLI 101. The author keeps the book up to date with each Ember release.


Another +1 for Ember CLI 101.

+1 for Ember CLI 101 for me too.

Another vote for Ember CLI 101, I tried Rock and Roll with Ember but gave up because there were too many mistakes in it.

Hey Ricky,

Can you please elaborate which mistakes? I’m currently learning from Rock and Roll and I haven’t noticed any.

Will have a look at 101

I’d guess some have been fixed now, you can see a list of current and closed issues here -

I’ve finished the 101 book now and found it pretty good, there are quite a few mistakes in it as well but the way it sets out the concepts is much better that Rock & Roll in my opinion.

I’m enjoying Ember a lot, I’ve run into a brick wall a few times when you think you have sorted one concept only for another to trip you up. I found that emberscreencasts as well as (recent) youtube videos are very useful as you see how people think/code in a way that books don’t allow.

I found CodeSchool’s Ember course, Pluralsight’s Ember Fundamentals course, and Rapid Ember.js by Packt all to be pretty useful video tutorials. Personally I find videos much faster than reading.

I haven’t looked at the others but beware of the CodeSchool course as it is pretty outdated. A pretty good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t use Ember CLI then you should probably steer clear since that is the way Ember is headed.

Some things are outdated in the CodeSchool course, but I still found it pretty useful, especially since you will find a lot of outdated information on stackoverflow and it is useful to know what is deprecated and what isn’t.

The rock n roll book is not on amazon. It seems there are 3 different choices, you can get the book, or the book + code and other stuff or the book + code + screen casts for $89

I have the mastering ember.js book as well as ember.js in action. Is the ember cli 101 book worth getting as well or is it going to be much of the same ?

Hey Ricky, Rock and Roll with Ember.js author here. Can you point out any specific areas that are lacking or things I could explain better?

The issues repository will always have issues as it’s more of a way for me to keep track of what I want to improve/add in the future and my readers to report typos or concerns.

Thank you!

The Rock & Roll book is not in the Kindle store but you get the same mobi format of the book (among others), updated every 4-6 weeks. Having one single distribution platform (Gumroad) makes it easier to distribute updates and I haven’t (yet) looked into how to do that (or whether that’s possible) on Amazon.

Hi everyone! What book is better “rock and roll” or “ember 101” ? I see first one has very big price. It’s worth it? as best tutorial


Still work in progress, but we cover here most of the important part of Ember 2:


I’ve just updated the tutorial, so it is based on the latest Ember v2.4 and all code follows the prefered ES2015 syntax: