Hello World - Learning Resources

Hi all - first post. I’ve just gotten started on my Ember learning journey, and have dedicated to going all in… I’ve got junior fullstack js training (bootcamp) and bits here and there from building a profitable startup.

What learning resources do you all recommend, as there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of video courses a la treehouse/udemy that are updated?

So far I’m going through the tutorials and resources I can find updated:

  1. Ember.js official tutorial/documentation
  2. YoEmber tutorial
  3. Rock and Roll with Ember book (B. Erdi)

I typically do appreciate more in depth training such as video courses, best if they’re somewhat affordable :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help, I’ll be doing my due diligence so when I ask a question here eventually I’ve at least learned the basics.

I was about to recommend Rock and Roll before I noticed you have that already. :+1:

If you want courses with video, both https://www.embercasts.com/ and https://embermap.com/ have good stuff.

I just learned about ember.cool which has a LOT of Ember resources. Many of the resources are libraries, addons, etc. - not all learning materials.

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I try to keep GitHub - broerse/ember-cli-blog: Tom Dale's blog example updated for the Ember CLI up to date.

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