Learning Ember FAST



I’ve been dipping into Ember on and off for a while now, never really got past creating a project, routes, etc.

Starting a new project in a week and finally will have an opportunity to use Ember in the wild (yay!!)

So trying to learn as much I can really fast (at least to be able to hit the ground walking) and was wondering if you got some advice / critic on my current plant

  • Go over the EmberJS Guide (busy here…busy with components)
  • Rush through “Rock & Roll with Ember” book

Reason asking is that I’m struggling a bit with understanding the logic behind the javascript syntax, hence being a bit low on confidence :frowning:


I’d recommend these in the following order:

Ember Guides - https://guides.emberjs.com/v2.5.0/

Ember CLI 101 - https://leanpub.com/ember-cli-101

Ember Screencasts - https://www.emberscreencasts.com/

Don’t panic if you don’t follow 100% of the Ember guides as a lot of the concepts make more sense once you start building things. I prefer Ember CLI 101 over Rock & Roll with Ember but they are broadly similar in terms of what they cover.

Ember Screencasts is a very good resource, you need to pay for the Pro videos but even the basic ones are very useful.

Ember Slack is a great place to get help - https://embercommunity.slack.com/messages/general/


Thanks so much!
Will check out them all (even pay for the pro videos, I don’t mind)


Another very good, and free, course is available on yoember.com. It gets updated regularly to follow the Ember versions


Thank you! :wink: if you folks have any question or suggestion in terms of http://yoember.com, you can find me here or leave a comment on the website. Happy learning! :smiley:


I learned a lot from yoember.com Thanks a lot zoltan for your contribution.


Try Ember Cookbook. It’s actually a great resource to learn from.


Hi fellows, just a small contribution to the discuss: