How can I get up to speed with Ember quickly?


I’m a QA tester for a startup, our app is an ember app, and while it’s easy to find bugs in our software, I have yet to debug an issue and fix it myself, mostly because I do not know Ember, or any other Javascript Framework.

I have fairly good knowledge of HTML/CSS and vanilla JS. (many of the tests I conduct are standalone automated tests using Selenium WebdriverJS). But never got around learning ay frameworks.

My question is: How can I get started quickly, with Ember? The Guides are pretty good, but I learn much better via screencast. Most of the Ember video turorials I’ve seen are pretty old, not much is being done by way of up-to-date video tutorials.

can anyone recommend up-to-date resources for learning EMber quicky, outside of the official guides?

Not a screencast but very good:

There is also but not sure if you can learn it this way.

Thanks for the tip! I’d seen rock and roll with ember but had forgotten about it. There are some screecasts included as well might go that route.

I would say that the biggest obstacle to learning Ember for me was the amount of “old Ember” examples that are out there. Until I made it over the hump, Ember 1.x stuff was a deep pit of confusion when trying to implement a 2.x app. It has been almost exactly a year since I was in that mode. I don’t know if the old samples are dying off, or I am getting good at recognizing them and ignoring them, but things seem to be better.

You can set your search engine to only include search results of the last year. Many old posts, blogs and examples are outdated. But things written in 2016 and newer are in general helpful and conform to how it works today. On the other hand I don’t even look at things from before mid-2015 because that’s most often a waste of time.

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