How can I learn emberjs?


I realise that there may be many posts like this posted here, but I just feel so exasperated with emberjs right now that I don’t know what to do.

The problem is that there aren’t any tutorials which are not deprecated as of the latest version of ember.js, and so I don’t have much to learn from. I understand the basic concepts, but there are so many hurdles in the way.

For example, FIXTURE adapter is now deprecated, thus I have to learn a new tool and somehow try and integrate that with old tutorials not using this new alternative addon.

How can I go forward on this and start learning, thanks.


This blog post contains a good number of recent pointers to learn Ember.JS:

About DS.Fixture:

Seems ember-data is now prefer Pretender or sinon.



CodeSchool has a good starter course. It uses the starter kit but helps with the fundamentals of the framework. You use FixtureAdapters instead of the real thing but still a great choice. I think a membership is $10/month but they also have videos for Angular, Ruby, Jquery, Javascript. I am a member and it has helped me a good but. Also there are some vids on tuts plus. I’m not sure how much a subscription is there but they have a couple Ember videos, nothing real serious and again they mostly use the starter kit.

Go to ember watch and see what you can find there too.


There are two books I would recommend. Both are being actively updated with ember upgrades until 2.0.

  1. - Rock & Roll with Ember.js
  2. - Ember CLI 101

Those should get you pretty far.


Hi, You can use ember-pouch to test things. You don’t need to use a CouchDB backend. Try my example:

You can still use the FIXTURE adapter as a separate package. If you need an example perhaps I can post some code.


I’ve been trying to learn Ember and I have also taken issue with the fact that nearly everything online is deprecated. I have watched numerous videos and I have read countless blog posts and tutorials, but none of them really helped. I also tried the Code School tutorial, but I am not a fan of their format of having you watch a long video and then asking you to regurgitate some piece of code that you only saw on screen for two seconds, ten minutes prior.

I think the only decent resource at this point are the Ember guides. I didn’t find them very beginner-friendly and some of the examples they use actually made it harder to understand some things, but after staring at the guides for about three weeks, the mental fog is starting to slowly clear up for me. Reading through this forum can also help quite a bit.

After you read through the Ember guides, I think the next best step is to try building something unique yourself (not just remaking the popular TodoMVC). I’m at this point right now and it’s making Ember seem not as incomprehensible.