Absolute Beginner: How do i get setup with Ember.cli?

Hello guys, I am totally new to ember.js and have started out a bit ruff as I come from angular.js which is just a bit easier for me as I am not 100% fluent in javascript but am 100% fluent in html and css. But any way have searched and searched but couldn’t find anything up to date (as in this year) documentation on setting up ember.cli. I mean there is the ember websites documentation on the install part which I got through just fine but I need to know things like:

  • Where do I put my app.js contents
  • Are there any specific steps I need to take before being able to use certain functionality
  • Where do I store my controllers,templates,components,ect and are there any special rules I need to know about using these things with ember cli

If someone (or lots of someones) could help write me a super in depth guide to the set-up and workflow then I could use it as an asset for my collogues to learn from as well. Thanks in advance.

P.s. I will certainly ask a lot of questions so brace yourselves :wink:

Just a question - have your ever visited the cli site?

the ember docs were recently updated so that all of the examples reference the CLI way of doing things.

the ember cli website will guide you through the process of creating an ember app.

Thank you sir. I had not looked at this website and I think it is what I will need to get started. Cheers!

p.s. I may ask a question or two if I’m stuck on something Hope you guys don’t mind.

FYI this tutorial helped me a lot:

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Yeah, you’re right, I was at that meetup, but FYI there were (are) just a few issues in the instruction docs that Im not sure have been corrected … but overall it’s a great tutorial. MSG back if you need support but I think there is a github repo you can check out if you get stuck.