Getting started with Ember 1.10

Hello folks. First and foremost I’m new to the whole Ember world. So yay to new challenges!

I’m coming from a world of Angular, and to make it short, very short, it’s just not for me and I’m looking for a new framework for home projects mainly.

How to I setup my first app? The documentation are old it seems.

I start of downloading ember.js and jquery.js and load those into a plain html document and I get a error:

Uncaught Error: Cannot call compile without the template compiler loaded. Please load ember-template-compiler.js prior to calling compile.

Alright I’m missing a file I think, but I cant locate the ‘ember-temaplte-compiler.js’ on the website. What is my move here? Am I missing something?

And how do the whole HTMLBars work? Theres no documentation on that either?

Thanks in regards!

** Edit: I would like to leave the CLI for now as it seems way to complicated at first.

Hello @aventic. Could you please see me whole sources?

I recommend Ember-CLI, but if you don’t think complicated, show Ember.js Guide.

I suggest Ember-CLI as well. I feel it makes working with Ember less complicated.

A nice book to get started with Ember-CLI is ember 101 by Adolfo Builes [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle].

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+1 for ember-cli 101

Ember CLI just seems rather complicated for what I want. And even then I want to be able to use it in a .net environment.

This is my code so far: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

Check the console. Where do I find this file? Cant seem to find it in the build version on ember’s website?

Prior to loading Ember, you need to load the template compiler. If you don’t want to use Ember CLI yet, just load that file first. It’s available here:

Here is an update to your JSBin that works correctly.

Update: Just so you know, this is currently an active bug with the website. Hopefully you’ll be one of the last people to stumble on it.

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Oh great… Guess I’m not in any luck today.

I just tried grapping the minified versions of ember and the ember template and that is now causing a new error. -.- :smile:

A possible bug within the template compiler?

Heres a fiddle: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

Something is weird with the minified version of it. If you pull “.min” out of the URL for the template compiler everything seems to work.

I would also suggest Ember-Cli. Especially the blueprints (which create all needed files) and the many cli-plugins are really great. But why do you want to leave Angular for your home projects? I think the strength of Ember are coming out when you are building huge apps with many developers. So I think for prototyping, Angular is fine because it let’s you quickly build your ideas. But if you want to learn something new, welcome to the Ember community and happy learning.

I’m also coming from Angular and there is a lot to learn and rethink. So there are enough new things to discover and you won’t be bored :wink:

@krautman I use Angular both at work and at home, the main reason is to learn something new, and kinda like the templating abit more with Ember. It just seems cleaner and tent not to be so bloaty as Angular. Maybe I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Will not find out if I’m not trying.

What is the CLI excatly? Do I have to run my application on the node server? I’m a .net guy aswell and have always been coupling Angular with the .net framework works okay, and I would like to do the same with Ember, but is Ember heading to be an only CLI framework?

@aventic ember-cli can be used as a build tool that will compile your app into some js, css and an index.html.

You can take that and dump it wherever you want. Currently I’m serving mine from S3 via redis and a rails app using GitHub - ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy: A deployment pipeline for Ember CLI apps You could use this pattern for .net quite easily I would imagine.

When developing I just use ember server since it has auto reload and does everything I need it to do. You do run into some issues around cors since your api server and ember server will be on different ports on localhost.

There is absolutely no good reason to start a new Ember app today without using ember-cli. Every other build system is basically considered legacy at this point, and you will have a much easier time with ember-cli.

I realize some web developers cling to the old days when having a build environment was considered exotic and complicated. Those days are long past, and you will have a bad time if you insist on trying to hand-roll your environment. The example above of trying to figure out the right template compiler is a perfect example: ember-cli would have already handled that for you automatically.

A team at Microsoft is actively contributing to ember-cli, and we consider Windows a first-class supported environment, so being a .NET user is not a reason to avoid ember-cli.