Ember coaching?


Does anyone know of any online 1 to 1 coaching? Beginner in ember, not finding all the guides helpful relevant to 2.


Specifically one on one? Not off the top of my head.

However, I’m rather new to Ember myself and I have found many good resources online. Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?


I’d love a list of resources you have used!


What’s your starting point (how familiar are you already with Ember)? What previous development experience do you have? Are you already familiar with Node, Express, etc.?


EmberSherpa provides this. Link: https://squareup.com/appointments/book/FT3QWZ/embersherpa


Hi i’m a total beginner with Ember. I’ve got a solid understanding of javascript, html and css but i’ve never done any clientside mvc before (at work where i do an apprenticeship we are still using asp.net web forms). Ember is the framework i have chosen to invest my time in.


I would recommend that you start with something like https://www.emberscreencasts.com/ instead of doing coaching as there is not really a need to fork out for 1 to 1 help when you’re just getting started, and I say that as an Ember coach :wink:

I would also recommend joining a local meetup (or starting one!) or just joining the Ember slack community http://emberjs.com/community/


thanks for the links. I just know how valuable learning from an expert is, i’m an apprentice web developer and i have learnt so much from experienced developers compared to on my uni course/my own struggles :slight_smile: