Learning Ember with Video Courses, Treehouse, EmberGrep etc


Hey Guys,

I’m a fairly new web developer, Ember.js is my first client-side JavaScript framework. I’m really liking what I have found out about it so far, there is something about the community that makes me very comfortable in putting in the effort to learning.

A big part of why I have chosen Ember was a course on teamtreehouse.com by a guy named Michael Kaiser-nyman

The course is very well explained for beginners, goes over things at a slow pace, and doesn’t skip around. For someone who is very experienced it would probably be a bit slow and ridiculously simple - but for myself at my level it was exactly what I needed.

The problem is that doesn’t include a lot of the changes, doesn’t include ember-cli, it mentions ArrayController and Object Controller (which today I have learned are now deprecated).

For someone who is beginning, who might take a while to fully grasp a concept - they might only just begin to understand something when already the line of thinking has moved on.

So to get to a question of sorts - what I would really love to see is someone make a high quality, professional (high quality audio, video) well designed course aimed at beginners, taking into consideration the problem areas, areas where newer people get lost.

I’d be happy to pay $50 - $100 (or more if it was really well made) because it is worth that to save so much time and confusion.

Another good resource I have found is embergrep.com though I would have liked for it to go into a bit more detail and was a little fast at points. What I liked about that course was that it was using ember-cli, the module syntax (which I grasp but at the same time I’m not completely comfortable with).

If anyone can offer any help - that would be great, I live in Perth, Western Australia - so I don’t think there are too many Ember people around the place!

I am definitely interested in really mastering this framework, as I see it as something that will be relevant long term. I am very happy with how Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz present themselves, it is obvious they care about open source and innovating the web.




Also, I think that this is an area which could encourage people to choose Ember over other frameworks, i.e Angular, React.

I think that Tom Dale or Yehuda Katz are probably too busy, but that’d be great to see a full video course from them. If not I think Michael Kaiser-Nyman would make a great choice. I think the key is to really just go over things concisely, but without skipping detail.

Because programming is very linear, once you are lost on a concept - it can be hard to ‘claw your way back in’, conceptually speaking.

Obviously some things just take time to learn, so in that case, it is good to have a clear line of thinking so that a person can watch a segment of a video, and eventually the light bulb will go off.

But if after repeated viewings, the concept is still ambiguous it probably isn’t a good resource for a beginner. I know that when people really understand a concept at a deep level, they tend to skip over the details, get to the core because it’s so natural/ingrained in them.

Thanks once again


Perhaps this will be of use:



Thanks! Not sure why I haven’t come across that - will check it out :slight_smile:


There are a few courses on Pluralsight, Codeschool, and Packt. They are a bit dated though but I still found them useful because when you start googling you will run into old APIs and they are worth knowing.


One major issue I found while starting with Ember is that the framework is changing so rapidly that even resources that are only a few months old might be deprecated. I watched countless videos online and read a ton of blog posts, but they didn’t really help, especially because none of them were using Ember CLI.

Ultimately, I found that the single greatest resource is this forum, coupled with attempting to create your own project. Some of the replies that I have received on this forum were 100% crucial to my understanding of Ember. I also found that working on my own project raised new questions for me to think over, which further increased my understanding as I slowly worked through these problems.

That being said, maybe you will find screencasts and videos that you find helpful. At the very least, I found that even outdated tutorials still got me thinking about the basics like Ember conventions and Ember Data, so they can still be useful in many ways.


After spending a bit of time on this Forum, and on the Slack channel also - I’d agree fully. You need to really be up to date with what is happening.

The more recent video courses are good for fundamental stuff, but the only way that you’ll know what is the best way of doing things is to keep monitoring things as they progress. Cheers


Hi Daniel,

I completely agree that it can be rather difficult to find good and up-to-date resources for learning Ember.JS As you mention, they often don’t use ember-cli or talk about stuff that is already deprecated in the meantime (e.g. object and array controllers), etc

However, I recently discovered this book and can highly recommend it, as it tries to keep up-to-date with the latest changes:

It might be a bit rough on the edges sometimes, but in general it gives a nice overview on how to get started with all the latest and greatest of Ember.JS




You can try this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tonV3G2cPrA and the last version from Ember guide is very good you should study every line in it before going anywhere


I just released my Ember 2 course which aims at always being up to date with the latest changes! Hopefully it can help! :slight_smile: https://www.ludu.co/course/ember


Awesome, bought the course. When are the video tutorials coming!


I’ve heard some good things about the following course from some of my co-workers:


The instructors are Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale and Mitch Lloyd.


emberscreencasts.com creator here.

Would love to hear about how you find your resources- I’m currently trying to figure out how to reach beginners better.


Here ( https://auth0.com/blog/2015/08/11/create-your-first-ember-2-dot-0-app-from-authentication-to-calling-an-api/ ) is a tutorial about creating an Ember 2.0 app.