Introduction to Ember.js Online Course?


Has anyone everyone ever taken the Introduction to Ember.js Online Course offered by Gaslight? I was just looking for some feedback on the course from someone who has taken it. I’m just trying to understand if it worth it and how good the course maybe?



As far a I know this is an old pre Ember CLI course. I don’t know if there are new courses yet. Perhaps for now take a look at Ember CLI 101?


This course uses ember-cli and even a feature just released today on 1.10 (Ember.inject). It also uses the HTMLBars attribute syntax that is coming in 1.11. Furthermore you’ll find a complete lack of Controllers, Views, and ItemControllers in the course and a plethora of Components and Services.

How is this all possible? Tom, Yehuda, and I went to great lengths to make the course as forward-looking and future-proof as possible.