Running an online Ember.js workshop as part of my ember book


Hey Everyone!

A couple of months ago I started to write a book about Ember with ember-cli and as part of it I’m also running an online workshop, so if you are looking to learn Ember and want some personalized guidance there are still some spots left for the second batch which starts at the end of this month.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Why 99%?

Ember, Ember-Data and ember-cli move fast and I want this book to be always up to date, that’s why I have decided to call it a “living book”, I send periodic updates and now with Ember 2.0 coming, I’ve started to change the content so it will make the transition easier.

How many people do you accept per batch?

During the first batch there were 16 people, but I have decided to reduce this to 10 so it feels more personalized.


Would also be cool if you could accommodate those living in Europe and/or another timezone by choosing a more convenient time, e.g. group attendees by geographical location. That way, I would also be game for your online training.


@abuiles has done a great job with the ember-cli-101 book. I bought it when he had first started writing it and it is consistently getting updates to stay relevant with the current versions of ember-cli. Not only is the book a great read, but the support system provided through the irc channel #ember-cli-101 is great for getting feedback from @abuiles and other readers/participants.

The workshop was a real treat as well. It was really nice to sit in on the Q&A sessions and chat with people across the world about ember. I’d recommend this book & workshop to anyone looking to learn ember.


Wasn’t aware of the irc channel #ember-cli-101 gonna check it out!