Discover Ember 2 - New online course!


Just thought I would share this course on the Ember forum! It’s been my side-project for the last few months and I decided to release it just a few days ago.

I think I’m probably not the only one who initially had a hard time learning the framework because of outdated tutorials, old Stack Overflow answers and the naturally rapid pace of change along with the lacking documentation.

I really want the community to prosper and lower the barrier of entry for new users, since I’m in love with Ember myself, so I consider this my biggest contribution!

The goal of the course is to teach the best practices of Ember 2 using modern features like components, pods and Liquid Fire. I will keep updating it as new features get added to the framework, so that the course stays up-to-date.

Go check it out!

Why does ember changes so fast?

Please don’t advise people to use the Node installer. Unless something changed recently, it will make everything require sudo which is a huge painpoint in JS development. Consider pointing to something like NVM.

Otherwise, nice job from what I’ve seen. It also helps that it’s fancy and modern looking. Human psychology just works that way. :wink:


@t4t5 Thanks for a great course, I purchased it yesterday for the exact reasons you outline above and being a new Ember enthusiast. I can highly recommend the course to anyone that wants to learn to create new Ember 2.0 apps.

One thing that is a little unclear to me still (see Should we still use Controllers and guidelines for new apps?) is if/when/where we should still use Controllers. My understanding from reading and watching everything I could find about Ember 2.0 is that it is all about Components and Services now and that Controllers should not be used anymore. However, in your course you do make use of Controllers so would appreciate some insight into the usage of Controllers going forward if possible (perhaps in the linked thread?).

Thanks again for a great course.


Hi @novascape, and thanks for the kinds words!

Good question about the controllers! I agree that I should maybe have specified why I still use them in certain parts of the project. The reason is simply that routeable components has not landed yet, so it’s not possible to use a component.js file instead of controller.js if you want to use actions and properties on route-driven templates.

As soon as routeable components lands in a stable release I will update the course to remove the controller-files! :+1:



Hi @t4t5 has routeable components landed yet? If so, does your tutorial still rely on use of Controllers? I’m considering to buy the course as I would love to learn Ember but don’t want to learn it with obsolete concepts. Thanks!


Hi @beliy333! Routeable components is not available in Ember yet, so the tutorial still uses controllers.

If I were you, I honestly wouldn’t worry about “learning obsolete concepts”. It’s not obsolete right now since it’s still the default way of building Ember apps, and it works just fine. Plus, the change will be quite minor for users who build apps using the pod-structure (as we do in the Ludu course), so it will be easy to move the little code we use in the controllers to components instead.

Also, remember that there’s always going to be some new things to learn and some minor refactoring to do if you want to keep up with fast pace in the frontend-world, since that’s just the way it is. :wink:



Cool, thanks for the response. I’ll give it a shot!