Glimmer + sorting + store.push = doesn't work

So my problem is after updating to Ember 1.13 my sorting doesn’t work anymore.

I have a controller (or model):

itemSorting: ['sort']
itemSorted: Ember.computed.sort('item_ids','itemSorting') 


{{#each model.itemSorted as |item index|}}

When Ember first time rendered the page - all work’s fine (items outputs in desired order), but when I make @store.push with new sort parameters for each item it doesn’t rerenders my list. But when I individually set sort for each item via item.set(‘sort’, 10) - all works fine. So my question: this is normal for Glimmer or it’s bug?

UPDATE Sorry, this is not glimmer bug - it’s jqueryui-sortable + Ember issue