Guide to hacking Ember?

When I have hit a bug or an obscurity in the Ember documentation, I often have an impulse to wade in and try and fix it myself. However, I invariably find I am lost in the source code, and until now have always given up.

It would be great if someone could write a “guide to hacking ember”, incorporating such topics as:

  • what is where in the ember internals
  • build process
  • coding & testing style guide
  • best practices for submitting PRs
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I am bad at writing and organizing “events”, but decent at talking. I’m happy to lead an Ember internals safari to help answer these questions and make on-boarding easier for new contributors if someone could try to get our and “Contributing to Ember” guides updated with the things learned…

I’d be very happy to attend such a safari when I’m back in the Boston area in September.

Thanks for the nudge to go reread “” (I probably read it a year ago) – it lacks an overview of internals but it does have style and testing guides I didn’t remember.

… Thanks!

Does this help? It was/is a total eye-opener for me to watch. I wish every web framework (or major library) had a video like this. I wonder if this should be featured more prominently in the Ember docs. Thoughts?

A lap around the Ember source code with Yehuda Katz