Handle errors with ember data


I am writing my own adapter for ember data, which uses sockets to communicate with the backend and I have run into an issue with handling server side errors, where records are deleted in ember even though an error has been returned.

Upon a server side error I call within the adapter:

Ember.run(null, reject, json);

where json is the actual description about the error.

When I check the debugger I can see that this bubbles up to:

store.recordWasError(record, reason);

within the _commit function. However it looks like the record is even deleted before it reaches that function.

I have also tried to wrap my error within new DS.InvalidError(json), however it seems like ember data expects to be told which fields are in error and complains about the object not having fields it expects.

How do I handle server side errors in a way that I can at least display something like a pop up to the user and the action may be retried? For instance if I just throw an exception during a delete operation, ember data does not seem to notice that and when the button is clicked again, ember complains that the model is already being deleted.

I noticed that I can do something like this in my route and trigger to rollback manually, however I don’t really want to repeat myself on every entity that I want to delete and it seems a little strange that ember data gets out of sync, when I don’t do this:

actions: {
    deleteGroup: function(group) {
      group.destroyRecord().then(function() {
        // transition back to the groups route when delete is complete
      }.bind(this), function() {

So, I guess I must be doing something wrong…?

How to handle errors without jumping through hoops?