[Help] Fetching from a rails api


I am using the ember-rails gem. I made a route in my rails application called /status which returns a bunch of json. I then created a route in ember called status (/#/status). I was wondering how I can create a ember controller that gets the json from /status and displays it in the template?

Sorry, im a total newb and I have no idea how to make the api call.

Thanks for your time.

Checkout ember-data or google jquery ajax.


I made this file:

Counterstrike.StatusRoute = Ember.Route.extend(model: (params) ->
  return Ember.$.getJSON config.api.baseURL + '/status', (response)

but its giving me this error:

No idea how I can fix it.

Are you using ember data?

My ember data routes typically look like this

export default Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function() {
    return this.store.find('status');

When I use Ember.$.ajax, which is probably more analogous to your getJSON, my url is just api/status. I think if you set the baseURL you don’t need to reference it because it assumes it’s the base of the URL. I would try just removing the config.api.baseURL part and see what happens.

I figured it out. config wasnt set…

Im stuck on a different issue now.

I have this code: https://gist.github.com/nahtnam/425fc6cf7f8c762a1efc

If I try running that handlebars file, it doenst work. It just turns up empty (no errors in the console).

Any ideas what is happening? I verified that ember is receiving the json correctly. If I do something like {{model.result.matchmaking.search_seconds_avg}}, it returns 62…

You are iterating inside the datacenter subfield but not rendering anything.
Also, the JSON it’s not so good for me. I’ll transform it like this:

        "datacenters": {
                "Name": "EU West",
                "capacity": "full",
                "load": "medium"
                "Name": "EU East",
                "capacity": "full",
                "load": "medium"

And then in your status.js.handlebars I’ll use this:

{{#each model.result.datacenters as |datacenter|}}
  <div class="panel">
    <div class="panel-heading">
      <div class="row">
        <div class="col-sm-10 text-left">
        <div class="col-sm-2 text-right">
        <div class="label">{{datacenter.capacity}}</div>

Something like that. Hope it helps


Thats not working either. I replaced everything with asdf to see if it atleast iterates, but it doesnt. It just comes up blank.

Thanks. (No errors in console).

if your app is public and you can link the repo maybe we can test it.
For personal experience, I can say that ember-inspector is a great tool for debugging.
In your case, I’ll see if the model is loaded or not.


Here is the code. https://github.com/nahtnam/csgo

Its a rails application so you would have to install ruby, and rails, and then cd into the folder and run bundle install. Then you would have to create a pg database called counterstrike_development and run rake db:migrate. Finally run rails server and it should work.


EDIT: The ember app is in /app/assets/javascripts/