Help with resolving upstream dependency conflict?

Any tips on how to resolve this upstream dependency conflict?


ember-engines needs to have >= for its peerdependency on ember-source.

in the mean time, you could use patch-package - npm via

npm exec patch-package --exclude 'nothing' ember-engines

and try to fix the peer range on ember-engines.

a more heavy-handed approach would be to use pnpm (instead of npm), and use their packageExtensions feature to fix the peer range without a patch:

// package.json
  "pnpm": {
    "packageExtensions": {
      "ember-engines": {
        "peerDependencies": {
          "ember-source": ">= 3.24.1"

Thanks NVP. I tried those two methods and it didn’t work.

Yes the problem was that “ember-engines needs to have >= for its peer dependency on ember-source”

I went to the github repo, and found that indeed 3 months ago they made that change to their code, but didn’t declare a new version, so installing ember-engine 0.9.0 installed the old dependency.

In the end, I cloned the repo and made the change and installed that local package.

Thanks for the discussion.