Hide Application Template

I have an Ember project and there is a template under application.

So, it would look like app/application/template.hbs.

This template contains the website’s navbar and has an {{outlet}} for other template code.

I have a login page where I don’t want this navbar to show up. Is there a recommended way to not have the application template rendered in this case? I can add javascript to hide the navbar but I’m guessing this is not the best solution.

I’d typically use a session to track the user’s authentication status (amongst other things) then you can just do something like:

{{#if session.isAuthenticated}} {{nav-bar}} {{/if}}

Instead of making application the root of the main application make a new route, I usually use restricted, as the base. You then setup your application UI under restricted and you can put login alongside.

application - login
           \- restricted (main app UI in this template)
                       \- users
                       \- accounts
                       \- …

You can use {path: '/'} on restricted and {resetNamespace: true} to “fixup” your URL structure.