How do i render an element in a outlet in ember.js with different urls

Say i have a posts page with a input field which gives me auto assist list of all post category, now when i select any one of the post i have to display a datatable of all post under the selected post category.

so for this already i have a route url /posts/:post_id/post which returns me with array of all post and also has controller and route associated with it. but the page i am in has url /post/edit now how can i load /posts/: post_id/post into /post/edit 's outlet.

if i register this.resource(‘postdt’,{path:‘/posts/: post_id/post’}) not nested under any thing than search category text field goes off.

if i use route or resource nested inside path:‘/post/edit’ then url goes out to be /post/edit/posts/ : post_id /post any idea, what is the solution for this.

Dude, too many words. You gotta break this down in a way that someone can actually follow.

Make JSBin or just simplify what you’re trying to say cause I’m breaking my mind just trying to read your post.

apologies for being too too descriptive. summary: how one can render different url based route inside outlet of one template.

well tried render with ‘into’ option works fine. please let me know is there any better way of doing this.

It’s hard to understand what you want to do. Do you want to show the actual post on that posts editing page? Well, just make edit a partial. They do this in the Intro to Emberjs video in the guides on the website.

Something like this, no?:

Straight out of this video: