How do you test computed properties on ED relationships?


I’m wondering what the current best practice is for testing relationships using ember-qunit. Currently, given a model like:

App.FeedbackItem = DS.Model.extend({
  message: DS.attr('string'),
  children: DS.hasMany('feedback_item', {inverse:"parent", async: true}),
  parent: DS.belongsTo('feedback_item', {inverse:"children"} ),

  isRoot: Ember.computed.none('parent')

I’d like to test the functionality of the isRoot computed property, and I’m doing so like this:

test('isRoot - child isRoot is false', function() {
  var parent = this.subject({
    id: 1,
    message: 'World Explodes.'
  var _store =;{
    _store.push('feedback_item', { id: 2, message: 'child', parent: 1});

  andThen( function(){
    _store.find('feedback_item', 2).then(function(child){
      var value = child.get('isRoot');
      equal(value, false, "expected false but was " + value);
      equal(parent.get('isRoot'), true, "expected true but was " + value);

You can try it out in a JSBIN here: (you may see an assertion being thrown on alternate runs, this appears to be bug with either ember-qunit or App.reset().

My question is: how would you test that feature?