How i can integrate ember js to express js using ember starteer kit?

Plz upload the code of ember js with express js and guide me.

I’m new to ember, but if you can use ember-cli instead of the starter kit, this older post should help out a lot: Ember CLI + Express.js - #5 by claudiocro macoto_'s reply to that post (third from the bottom) contains a good link, which has the source code as well from the looks of it.

If you need to migrate to ember-cli there seems to be something to help with that: GitHub - fivetanley/ember-cli-migrator: migrate your files to the standard ember-cli structure, preserving git history I did not personally test this. Please backup everything before this.

And if for some reason you can’t install ember-cli (i.e. ram ~ 512mb), I think digital ocean has a guide for creating a swap file for the install process. Although I think you can just deploy to a server.

Ember-cli is the official scaffolding/building/+ tool to use for projects now.

I hope some of this was helpful

i want to do this through starter kit…

I can’t really find much information out there on it, and I initially thought you were referring to the EAK. I am interested in seeing the final result and learning how you deploy the ember app when you get done. I wish I could be more helpful though.

It doesn’t make much sense to use the starter kit anymore. Ember CLI handles everything EAK used to and more. The easiest way to go around this would be to build your Express API and proxy it with Ember CLI while developing.

Then symlink your dist directory or just serve it from Express.