How is KeyName argument interpreted and how is the nested propertie access done?

I’m using the minilanguaje of KeyName arguments in methods like get and set to access nested properties in some Ember Objects. I’m following this Recomendation to access nested properties cleanly.

So, I use: obj.get("a.b.c") instead of obj.get("a").get("b").get("c").

But I have an example in my code where both expressions return different values:

  • obj.get("a.b.c") returns null
  • obj.get("a").get("b").get("c") returns the expected value

So, I fear I have to change my code to the later style. But before that, and before reporting here a bug in my code asking for help, I just want to understand well the interpretation of that KeyName argument of get or set.

So, how does it work?

And …:

Is it guarantied that the method get or set is called recursivelly over the nested properties, or it is being called only once?

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