How long do your acceptance tests take?


We’re aggressively trying to keep individual tests under 3 seconds. Interested to know your longest acceptable test time?


Don’t take my word as an Ember guy I’m still learning and struggling to get basic things working. But I am a testing guy, have been doing TDD (which we called TFD back them for over 12 years). Now I’m a TDD/BDD guy and Ember’s acceptance tests are what I would call BDD. Reciently @kylecoberly showed me @DHH’s stuff and I watched several hours of youtube video with the creators of TDD. great stuff. Anyway, they make the point that arbitrarily limiting test speed is not part of TDD, yes your test should be fast but if it takes longer to run the test right, take that time. At least that was my take watching all the videos, you should watch them yourself.


Most of our ember builds take between 10-35 seconds (200+ acceptance tests with a few unit tests in the mix). We’ve eliminated the long(er) running dependencies by making timeouts / animations configurable in both prod/test environments.

example in the wild: the foundation modal I work on has a default animation of 250 but for tests you can chop it down to nearly nothing (this greatly improved our test build times).